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Norma led a motivational session at our Member Event in January and provided much energy and inspiration with her talk. She had the members engaged, re-dedicated and laughing throughout her session. I highly recommend adding Norma to your next event's line-up. She's vivacious, caring, informed and very uplifting!

Norma, thank you again for your involvement with our eDiets Member Events!
Stefani Kauffman
Manager of Community Services

Staff, directors and volunteers of the South Okanagan Women in Need Society met to forge a clear vision for the next ten years. At this meeting it was important that all areas of the organization were represented. It was also integral to our success that we had a leader who could skillfully guide a diverse group of individuals through the process of simplifying complex goals.

Norma, with her extensive background in the social sector, training skill sets and a passion for helping others, was the perfect person to facilitate. She led us through a number of exercises and discussions. By the end of the session she had helped us lay the groundwork that we would need to finish our task.

Having clarity will take you to where you need to go. Norma can help you get there.

Lisa Hopper
Board Chair

Norma, in my dealings with her over the years, always has been conscientious in her work and her dealings with people. She is a true believer in the healthy body, healthy mind theory and practices this personally every day. Her seminars are an inspiration and filled with humorous anecdotes. Her examples are timely and to the point. One will enjoy and learn from her coaching. I do recommend her for any type of self improvement or other types of seminars and workshops. I wish Norma good luck in all her endeavours.

Gus Boersma

In the spring, I found myself out of a job after 14 years, due to funding cuts. At the time, I was also struggling with some personal issues, so my confidence and self-esteem were shaky. I began to meet with Norma regularly and she was always positive and encouraging. Norma accepted me and my ideas unconditionally, while at the same time asking me tough questions to really get me thinking and moving forward. She helped me to look beyond my self-prescribed limits and to see that I had a lot to offer.

With Norma's assistance, I plunged off a few cliffs and landed on my feet with confidence restored. And within a two month period, I competed in an international sporting event, found a job (which I love!), sold my home, moved to another city and have started a new life feeling revived and alive! Dreams really can become real and Norma was instrumental in that process for me!! Thank you Norma for your energy, caring and friendship!

Dorothy Polukoshko

Norma was quick to recognize my emotions of anger and betrayal from the last work situation were blocking me from moving forward in a positive way. Norma's coaching helped me work through these feelings and recognize the other areas of my life that were not in balance. In a very short time, correction was achieved and I was quickly on my way with a new job in my field of interest.

Bonnie Britt

Norma you've been an inspiration for me this past year. You have the ability to make people feel comfortable talking to you, to share their ambitions, their goals and their dreams in life. My first thoughts were that your weekly phone calls and emails would be what I needed to hold me accountable, and yes they did just that, but they also motivated me to try new ways of doing things, not only in my work but in my personal life.

Thanks to your coaching program, this has been my most successful year in real estate in 13 years, and in March alone I sold 11 houses. I've learnt to manage my time more effectively; I work more efficiently and therefore am working fewer hours, and have more time off. I learned to golf this past summer and still increased my income by more than 10% from the previous year. It's been an awesome experience working with you! Thank you!

Sharon Getz,
Seller Direct
Diamond Club Realtor, Calgary

I started working with Norma Reid about 1 month ago. In that time I listed a house and have sold 2 houses. I feel more clear, focused, motivated and confident since my coaching sessions with Norma. Norma helps me clarify my goals and then works with me on making commitments to what I need to do to attain those goals. I am realizing positive results in my career and personal life as a result of working with Norma.

Jessica Diskant, Realtor
Royal LePage Locations West Realty

Before beginning to work with Norma Reid I wasn't sure exactly what coaching was or how it could help me. Over the five months we worked together I achieved both personal and career goals. Norma helped me to become more focussed and organized in my working life, I'm still amazed at how much more I'm accomplishing each day. I felt supported all along the way and appreciated her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Ruth Porter
Owner, Polestar Calendars

I believe you have a great future in helping other professionals stay on track to meet their target goals. Your style includes a gentle but persistent manner with a genuine interest in the individual you are with. You use the language of encouragement in a timely and sincere way which really serves to boost those who are stressed or unsure.

I especially value your passion for empowering people. You seem to have a natural inclination to want your clients to go one step further to experience their success and are just as thrilled as they are when they reach it.

Thank you, Norma and I hope we can continue this relationship.

Dixie Bedell
Counsellor in Private Practice

I thought I was far too busy to take time for coaching sessions, now I can see that is just when it's needed most. Norma has an amazing ability to quickly, gently and effectively bring you face to face with yourself to create the definition and make the decisions needed to move ahead with intense clarity. I thought I had a clear sense of direction before but she skillfully brought me to a whole new level of awareness. It's like she held up a light so I could clearly see the path I wanted to travel. Thank you for helping me to simplify my life Norma!

Tanya Swaren
TanyaSwaren Management Training and Consulting

The skills you've helped me discover in myself and home, have helped me stay cool, focused & accurate when chaos reigns all around me. Whereas prior to coaching I often felt I was functioning at a 4 - 6/10, now I'm consistently above 7/10. Coaching by Norma has helped me regain balance between marriage, family, home & career yet still have time for personal growth and leisure.

Lynn W.
Office Manager

I've thoroughly enjoyed the teleclasses with Norma. To hear other people's goals and thoughts gives me new ideas, and I love the discussions that take place over the miles. And as usual Norma you are an awesome leader - you just have that knack of making each of us feel comfortable. Your experience and caring shows!

Sharon Getz

Norma’s goal setting class was very inspiring. She really understands how to create and support goals. Her goal setting methods, if followed, will surely lead to success. She also brought a great energy level to her group and kept us focused, on-track and moving forward.

Charlotte Marshall
Greenwood, Maine

To think I was dead for 10 years and didn't realize I had a voice. To see my own business go from barely any clients to a flood of them. To see my own child go from surgery to getting the highest award in school less than a year. To recognize I am worthy, caring and I can attain anything by taking care of myself first and then others. I have attained this. Coaching has really changed me for the better – I am in a better place now body, mind & spirit & my kids too!!

By taking fear out of my life I changed my status to single mom of 4 kids, I survived with major debt and only ½ the income, built a new house, had enormous gains in my business; joined a gym & look & feel great. I am alive… so hear me NOW!!!

Bottom line my eyes are open wide now I see what love does and how it sets me free, I see beauty around me; I see I am worthy & I am good enough.

Thank you Norma; your coaching is powerful!!!

Pauline McLaren

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