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Norma Reid, professional life coach, executive coach, business coach

Workshops I provide workshops on topics such as work/life balance, goal setting, creating a long term vision, identifying values. As each group is different with unique issues and ideas, each workshop is created in consultation with you, specifically for you. A little Laughter Yoga added in adds to the fun!

Professional/Life Success Coaching

You are the CEO of your business and personal life. Hire a coach to keep you on the leading edge and living your potential!

Coaching is typically done over the phone and can also be done in person. If you live in Victoria, there is no additional cost to you for in-person coaching. Coaching sessions can be weekly, bi-monthly, as needed, whatever works best for you; with or without email/written support; let's tailor the best plan for your success. Call for more details.

Group coaching

If you prefer a team approach, gather your associates together for group coaching. There is power in groups!

Call today for a free consultation to discuss what best suits your needs. 1 (236) 464-3116 or 1-877-334-3418 (toll free).

Personality Dimensions®

This workshop is fun and interactive; a great team-builder! Based on temperament/personality theory, people achieve insights into themselves and others, learning to appreciate similarities as well as differences, what causes our challenges and difficulties with certain personality traits, and ways to enhance those relationships. It is a great tool for enhancing communication with all personality types, helping people understand what motivates them and others. This is ideal for people involved in working with others - staff, co-workers, suppliers, clients, friends, family - enhancing understanding, self-esteem, self-worth and dignity. In business it is great for team building and enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

This is based on leading edge Canadian research by Lynda McKim et al using the works of Myers Briggs, David Kiersey, Don Lowry (True Colors), Linda Berens and others as a foundation.

Personality Dimensions is a registered trademark of Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc.

Call today for a free consultation to see if coaching is for you! (236) 464-3115 or 1-877-334-3418 (toll free). Or email me at: norma@fromdreamstoreality.ca

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