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Mission Statement

From Dreams to Reality Success Coaching and Training is committed to making a positive difference by empowering and supporting people to realize their true potential and obtain fantastic results in their lives.

Coaching Philosophy

Professional Coaching Philosophy

People come to a coach because they want more from their life, or recognize a need to change something to create the results or life they want. Often it is during a time of transition. I believe people go further with support than alone, and that coaching is an effective tool to help people realize more about themselves and their true potential and achieve their results faster than they would on their own.

The Coaching Philosophy I use is the three part Excelerator Model — enlighten, empower and excel. It is a circular, not linear, model enlightening the client so they use coaching principles to self-generate their own solutions; empowering them to self-correct their actions, communications and behaviours so they can make adjustments when necessary; so that they can get incredible measurable results, excelling in their life.


Confidentiality is paramount in order to develop an open, honest, trusting relationship. This means everything divulged to me stays with me, except where by law I have a duty to report.

Professional Conduct

Honesty and integrity are core values of mine. I am honest in my feedback, which may be challenging, but is imperative to strong relationship building and to helping you succeed. I will not pretend to be more qualified than I am, or make guarantees I cannot keep. I will not knowingly give information or advice I am not qualified to give. I will be clear up front about what coaching is, and what the terms of our agreement are. I will refer clients on to others when services are needed I cannot provide. I am committed to continuous learning, so my coaching skills and abilities will always be refreshed and contemporary. I am a role model for living a balanced life.

Conflict of Interest

I will consciously seek to avoid conflict of interest on a financial, personal or professional basis with my clients. If something appears to be or may become a conflict of interest, I will tell my client immediately in hopes of resolution. If it cannot be resolved, I will end the coaching agreenment and offer the name of another qualified coach.

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