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Resources for "Feeling Fit and Fabulous"
Some books I've found to be beneficial


Are you ready to:
Zen Lady
  1. Find your motivating reason(s) to be healthy?
  2. Define what spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health means to you?
  3. Identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and change them to life-enhancing ones?
  4. Overcome your barriers - time, money, energy, procrastination, fear or? - and live the lifestyle you want?

This workshop will reveal the 10 keys that took me from clinically depressed to a joyful, fulfilled woman; from Couch Potato to running a marathon! Come join this workshop and experience what worked for me - it can work for you too!

This workshop is NOT based on a specific diet or exercise plan. Living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about the physical. It's also the mental, emotional and spiritual changes that need to take place for lasting change to occur. 'As within, so without' - we need to do the inner work in order to have lasting change in our outer appearance.

You will also:

  • Design an easy to implement program to live a healthy fulfilling life - your way
  • Experience the value of support and celebration
  • Learn how to set and get your goals easily
  • Be well on your way to feeling fit and fabulous!

Join me for a six week teleclass series starting February 21. Classes are on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. PST, February 21 to April 4.

  • Special eDiets price - 6 sessions plus an individual coaching session for $59 cdn!!!!!
  • Bring a guest for half price.
  • (Plus Long Distance telephone charges).

What have you got to lose?
To register, call Norma Reid at (250) 334-3418 or 1-877-334-3418 (toll free), or email her at .

You may also register with PayPal:





What People are Saying about Feeling Fit and Fabulous

"I loved Norma Reid's: Feeling Fit and Fabulous! Norma creates a very safe and non- judgmental environment which allows participants to really explore themselves and their personal and professional goals. Norma is very open and honest about her own life which encouraged me to become honest and open about my life. I was able to laugh at myself. She is optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic! Norma really listens to others and honors their reality. I look forward to attending another class."
~ Judith L Preen Penticton. B.C.

"Norma is an incredible trainer and coach. Rather than just having great material, Norma gets people inspired and moving- moving towards being fit and fabulous. Don't dare miss the opportunity to leave her seminars with light in your heart and a spring in your step."
~ Ian McKelvie, Founder, Becauz Training

"I have experienced From Couch Potato to Fit and Fabulous and my life has changed dramatically. Norma Jean Reid blends knowledge, humor and down-right concern for every individual. Her seminars compel me to totally recommend her work. For your benefit, you must take her courses and coaching".
~ Brent C Nielsen, O.D., M.Ed

"I enjoyed the joint effort of the whole team and process. Norma, you did well in accommodating all our different personalities and needs. Thank you."
~ Char Schultz

"Fabulous day- time well spent".
~ Estelle Robinson

"Good information and ideas".
~ Debby Andrew Primerica

"I loved it, great energy, great tips, fabulous women".
~ Jenny Dagg

"Try your wings and fly!"
~ Linda Tremblay


Resources for ‘Feeling Fit and Fabulous': is the #1 visited Health, Fitness & Nutrition Site. Their free newsletter got me started on my lifestyle change. eDiets looks at the emotional and spiritual aspects of weight loss as well as nutrition and exercise. The support is incredible- I met some online friends who have become ‘real' friends there. Great support system and knowledge base!

To find out what your biological age is in comparison to your calendar age, check out the RealAge test that provides medically valid metrics at They also provide a real age tip of the day, health assessments and other great tools. is the leading online resource for healthy living based on an integrative medicine philosophy. He also has a great daily tip. has a great nutrition and calorie counter if you are keeping track of your daily intake.

The Sun Run training program is a great way to start a walking or running program safely and effectively. It starts out small, and you work up to where you can run or walk 10 kms in 12 weeks! You can download the training schedule for the run by clicking here.

There are also program schedules for walking and running faster- click on links under "training programs" to get them. For info on the Nia Technique- tone your body, mind and spirit. Achieve your goals! Start a peer group for achieving more; become BOLD, ADVENTUROUS and GUTSY.

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Some books I've found to be beneficial  125x125  40% off The Globe and Mail Bestsellers - Purple


Body for Life”- Bill Phillips This is the MOST motivating fitness book I've read! Very inspiring stories of people who have overcome huge adversities and are now living a rich full life. Bill lays out a very easy to understand and follow plan to getting your goals.

The Ultimate Weight Solution: The Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom” Dr. Phillip McGraw

Healing the Hungry Self- The Diet-free Solution to Lifelong Weight Management” Deidre Price

Running: Start to Finish” John Stanton


Simple Abundance- A daybook of Comfort and Joy”- Sarah Ban Breathnach

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”- Julia Cameron

Journey to the Heart- Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing your Soul”- Melody Beattie

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”- Eckhart Tolle

The Heart of the Soul”- Gary Zukav


7 Habits of Highly Effective People”- Stephen Covey

How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci”- Michael Gelb

The Thinker's Way”- John Chaffee


10 Days to Self-Esteem”- David D Burns

Codependent No More”- Melody Beattie

Healing the Shame that Binds You”- John Bradshaw

How to Build High Self-Esteem” (tapes) Jack Canfield

Taming your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method of Getting out of Your Own Way”. Richard D Carson

Other Personal Growth (many of the above fit in here as well, and vice versa!)

Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Growth” Don Miguel Ruis

Life Makeovers”- Cheryl Richardson

Stand up for Your Life”- Cheryl Richardson

Life Strategies”- By Dr. Phillip McGraw


The Heart of Coaching” Thomas G. Crane

Masterful Coaching” Robert Hargrove

Co-Active Coaching” Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House, Phil Sandahl

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